Clark, Cheatham and Cleburne knock a big Hole in the Yankee Line at Shiloh

Started by MengJiao, November 17, 2022, 07:55:19 PM

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Well, I wasn't expecting much, the whole place is pretty swampy and there are only a few places you can get guns forward and there were about as many Yankees turning up
as anyone from the Army of Mississippi and then at about 9am three Brigades from Tennesse and Arkansaw routed one of Sherman's Ohio brigades and boom!:



^Whoa.  It almost looks like the Northerners can't recover from that. 
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Quote from: W8taminute on November 17, 2022, 09:28:32 PM
^Whoa.  It almost looks like the Northerners can't recover from that.

  You're right.  In this little scenario, that's the end.  Thinking over how it happened -- okay so, I'm used to playing this series with the Armies in the Shenandoah :  Mostly relatively well-trained relatively small and well-led forces on both sides.  Put some guns on the firing line and get behind a creek and you can hold against  3 times your number -- not so in the scrubby woods of a western bottomland.
Whole brigades get routed pretty often and in this case it was a three-to-one against green and not very cohesive troops AND seven attacking chit pulls versus one defensive chit pull...Boom and in a very bad spot.  So time for a new scenario.