Sometimes the Springtime Never Comes: Feb 1, 2022

Started by MengJiao, November 21, 2023, 02:07:48 PM

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But it might just be because you're in some weird alternative chunk of history. 
I was sorta wondering what the Russians might have thought the realistic worst case was in Ukraine.
Here, I'm supposing they could have attacked in early February.  The imagined worst case from the
Russian point of view is
(as shown here) a very heavily reinforced Ukrainian mechanized infantry battalion facing north versus a thrust
from Belarus into the Chernihiv Oblast.  Units are from CompassGames/Starkweather Company Level Fulda Gap game
(which is about an even more imaginary war).  The Map is the Eastern map from Race to Bastogne (based on an earlier version of Starkweather's company level game  I guess we'll see how bad it could have gotten even
in the worst Russian nightmares before anything really happened. 


Now this is wargaming!

You are doing with paper and cardboard what I am doing with pixels and gigabytes.  I salute this type of experimentation.   :notworthy:
"You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend."

Romulan Commander to Kirk


Quote from: W8taminute on November 21, 2023, 03:45:37 PMNow this is wargaming!

Well, thanks!  So far, the Russians are doing fine in their own imaginary version of the worst case.  One helicopter shot down.  Pilot possibly captured.  Fulda gap simulates pilot rescues and also saving refugees (I think -- not entirely sure -- Starkweather seems to have a commendable thing about refugees).  But so far, not too much trouble from the Ukrainians (no hits from Ukrainian Spigots and artillery drove off the Ukrainian tanks).


Quote from: MengJiao on November 21, 2023, 05:00:46 PMFulda gap simulates pilot rescues and also saving refugees

So far, in the imaginary Russian offensive, things have gone very well.  The next problem is taking a small town with some defenses and mined areas.  The plan is to overrun some T62M tanks and come in from the side while the armored infantry holds contains everything else.