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Computer Gaming / Re: Total War - Warhammer III Announced
« Last post by Destraex on Today at 01:57:02 AM »
^Have you heard of the 1212AD mod for Attila: Total War?

Ohh! I didn't know about this either!

I, too, have bought TW:W1 and 2 on sales, tried to play a campaign several times, but it feels so busy. You're getting besieged from all sides, yet are limited to how many armies you can field. I find it a confusing mess tbh.
I know war is Eternal in Warhammer, but it just confused me in the TW setting. Admittedly the game being so busy makes me have little patience with it.

Three Kingdoms also does this to me. It's so busy.

The classic titles are less like that. At least I feel that way. I'd like me some Medieval TW action and that mod might be a great suggestion! Thanks.

That is what you call balance rather than any attempt at gameplay mechanics that make sense and I am not a fan either. You should be able to raise armies if you have enough food and supply lines. But no real supply line mechanics were ever introduced. Nor living off the land mechanics. I think there was one living off the land mechanic which basically just meant destroy the land.
Computer Gaming / Re: Computer Gaming - One Monitor or Two?
« Last post by MiniHexer on Today at 01:56:20 AM »
Well I have some good info on multi-monitors.

First get all monitors the same size. and get the edges as thin as possible, you can put the centre monitor just infront of the two side monitors edges to further reduce the edges

Now you need a graphics card like a GTX 1060 or better the GTX1060 must be four or more years old so there is prob a lot better..

NOW this is the important thing, dont use them as multi-montors. you have to pump out three times the graphics power to run them, imagine a flight sim with 3 differrent views but of the same area. the Nvidia display app that runs your card will allow you to set all three monitors as one cutting the power needed, you get a 5720x1080 res, it treats them as a wide screen monitor, the differrence is the monitors can be 32inch so you get a 96inch display at half the cost of a wide screen.

now once you have the 5720x1080 res , many games now give the option to run at the new res.

you will probably need adapter for a couple of $ from amazon. make sure the monitors have HDMI inputs because the setup will just get adapters to fit.

I plat SPMBT & SPWW2 at 6000 res, its awsome

PS: you have to set the bevels when setting the monitors to be treated as one, you cant do it later, watch some youtube tutorials beforehand

I don't think the original was a game that you were really intended to Max.  Like the original Panzer General games and a hundred clones since then, each scenario is a bit of a puzzle game, but you didn't have to win a Decisive Victory each time to move the game forward. 

The real trick with logistics, I found, was to plan ahead and to NEVER let the enemy cut off your own logistics.  And resign yourself to not winning a Decisive Victory every time.  Let's face it, if you took a gamble AND got a bad combat result, or if the weather ever broke against you, you weren't winning a Decisive Victory.  In that sense, it felt more like real history than anything else.

At its heart, the original game was just Panzer General with logistics and weather.  The new game is much richer and more entertaining, but I struggled to get into it like the original.  It's still on my short list, but I've not found my way back to it yet.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: The Wolf's Call
« Last post by Destraex on Yesterday at 11:13:16 PM »
The wolfs call is good fun.
Das Boot is still the best. Avoid the nee das boot mini series though
U571 and red oktober are fun in a wolfs call kinda way

Has anybody seen any of the youtube episodes of silent service? The tv sries with deforest kelly in it? The ones based on real missions?
Computer Gaming / Re: Second Front (in Development)
« Last post by al_infierno on Yesterday at 10:43:59 PM »
Here it is lads  :notworthy:

Great interview and really just stokes the flames of my hype train.  I didn't get the impression the interviewer was much of a wargamer, let alone an ASL fan, but he still asked some pretty decent questions.

Computer Gaming / Re: Carrier Command - Microprose
« Last post by al_infierno on Yesterday at 10:33:56 PM »
Tried out the demo and I liked it quite a lot.  I never played the original so I have no frame of reference, but this seems like an awesome carrier sim with your standard power/ammo/engine/etc. management.  I dig all the little interactive screens and bells and whistles that give you information about the ship's status, weather conditions, radar, and so on.  The command deck is a bit busy with screens and buttons but it's all clean and clearly laid out.  The loadout customization for vehicles seemed really cool and reminded me of the original X-Com.

The retro style is a bit rough when you look closely at textures, but from distances I think the game looks quite nice.  The waypoint system was a bit funky in that I didn't seem to be able to move or delete any waypoints for my moving ground forces - not sure if that's intentional but it's rather annoying.  Overall I'll definitely be checking this out when it comes out.

Here's a couple screenshots - one that shows my view of my deploying SEAL team approaching the opfor island, and another zoomed in for a better look.

Enigmas of the Mystical / Re: Man dies from exhaustion
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 08:25:30 PM »
I hear he had to be buried face-down in order to close the casket.  ::)    Sorry for the 8th. Grade humor.
I would think any in-depth account of the war would be better, as such, than McPherson's Battle Cry. That's a great book, but not really focused on the ACW.
The trailer does make it look like star citizen. They say this game is 25 years in the making. Predating star citizen by 17 years or so. So I expect it will have many more features than star citizen does. Should be very good.

Of course that 25yrs is marketing BS.
I also loved Foote's books.  I'm from the North and still felt he was fairly balanced.
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