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Battle of St Lo 890

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Bretons battle the Vikings at St Lo

Alan was the second son of Count Ridoredh of Vannes. He succeeded his brother Pascweten in Vannes and Brittany when the latter died, probably in the middle of 876. He represented the power bloc of southeastern Brittany and had to fight, initially, against Judicael of Poher, representative of western Breton interests, for the ducal throne. Eventually he and Judicael made peace in order to fight the Vikings. Judicael died in the Battle of Questembert in 888 or 889. In 890, Alan defeated the Vikings at Saint-Lô, chasing them into a river where many drowned.

41 Photos of this battle on the main website

nice pics, should be an article for the front site

great photos - please keep them coming!

Excellent looking game!  What rule set where you using?


--- Quote from: TheCommandTent on May 29, 2012, 06:32:12 AM ---Excellent looking game!  What rule set where you using?

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Saga rules, seem to be ok, its a board game with a differance, you fight it out on the tabletop and use the board sheet with rune dice, seem abit complex but once mastered they are very good and it is a game you do have to think two moves ahead.


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