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Looking for testers for PBEM DSA game

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We need to replace 2 players who for various reasons are no longer able to finish beta testing our Dawn of the Space Age PBEM game. France and China are both available and the turn is up to January 1959. PM or email me if your interested.

Each turn takes about 15 minutes once you know what your doing and we are doing one turn per day during the weekdays. The weekend is chill time!

I might be interested.  Where can I get more information about the game?


I'm interested. I love Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space.


If you liked Buzz, you will love DSA. BARIS was the inspiration for the design. But DSA takes it further and with (we think) greater depth to the game.

If we can get four players interested here on GrogHeads, we will certainly open a new game and base it here.

As this is a Beta test still, we are asking for input from our players at each end of year point. We are also asking for 'Fluff' News Posts as well. We've noticed that when this is done the players are much more involved and seem to get more out of the game then they otherwise do.

If your still interested, please let me know!


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