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Spare a prayer for Andy, our theme music composer

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His wife has been fighting breast cancer for several years now, and it appears as though they may be on final approach as he's taking FMLA leave from work through the holidays.   :-\

It's pretty tough for them, too, as they also have 3 teenage kids w/ various levels of autism / special needs.

Please give your loved ones an extra hug this weekend.
 :-[ :'(

Pete Dero:
Sorry to read this.

I already lost too many family members and friends to this terrible disease.

They'll definitely be in my prayers.

Are there any plans for crowdfunded assistance?

Prayers sent.


--- Quote from: Staggerwing on November 17, 2017, 11:01:38 AM ---Are there any plans for crowdfunded assistance?

--- End quote ---

I'll PM you.  Anyone else that wants info, just PM me to ask


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