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Accuracy Editor Requests and Comments

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Andy ONeill:
Any txt files in that accuracies folder will indeed be picked up and used by the army editor.

Looking at Test.txt. it has 99 lines in it.
Files should have 100 lines.

As it tries to work with the hundredth line, there is none and it crashes.

I've made a change so it should be less prone to crashing in this instance.
You will also see a message when you run the app which tells you about any problem file.

I copied pistol.txt and edited the file in the app.
When I hit save I still have 100 lines as expected.
Not sure how you ended up with 99 lines in test.txt.


--- Quote ---Looking at Test.txt. it has 99 lines in it.
--- End quote ---

I have edited it manually, I'm afraid I removed a line inadvertently.  :-[


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