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Age of Wonders 3 PBeM game recruiting

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This thread is to gauge interest in starting an AoW 3 Play by Email game.
Required are the base game and its two expansions.

PBEM has been added as a MP feature in one of the later patches. Many donít even seem to know its has been added to the game; I didnít before a few days ago!

It opens up a wonderful game to a much broader audience who love to play MP but like to play their turn at their leisure without having to align several peopleís agendaís to meet online!

So, who has the full game and likes some Fantasy 4x multiplayer?

We can kick this off with a minimum of 3 players, but more if preferable!

I suppose we'd have to autoresolve combat? If so, then how well does the autoresolve work for that game? (I've played the game a little, and I have both of the expansions, but I've never autoresolved combat yet.)

I was wondering about that as well, but I am not sure actually. Let me check and find out more.

Found a dev diary about the feature.

The nice part about it is that all turn info is stored on their central server! So there is no fiddling about with emails and such.
The host just starts a game and people who want to play just join in like a normal multiplayer game.
Then when the host kicks off, people will get their notifications sent to their Triumph Studios email or perhaps their Steam notifications, that's not clear.

As for combat being auto resolve only I haven't found anything yet to confirm nor deny this.

Tested it, but indeed combat against human players is auto resolve only.

A test game has been created called 'Groggies Shardfall' . (Use in game menu)
Pw is grogs4tw

Those interested feel free to join the game and await liftoff!


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