Author Topic: Hell at 1200 yards: New South Georgia, June 10, 1902  (Read 902 times)

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Hell at 1200 yards: New South Georgia, June 10, 1902
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  More Monroe doctrine off New South Georgia:

  In an effort to reduce the Confederate depredations on the Australian whaling industry in the southern reaches of the Indian Ocean,  two Monmouth class armored cruisers run a fast reconnaissance of the southern anchorages off New South Georgia.  And there they are: 3 Marco Polos and one More ancient ship with 4 200mm guns, 16 knots and not much armor.  The two Monmouth class cruisers have the latest QF 6-inch/45 guns and at 20 knots as the Sun rises, they try to blast their way through.  The confederates close...hoping to use their torpedos since they can't penetrate the face-hardened armor on the Monmouth class very reliably.
  Perhaps closing is a mistake: at 1200 yds the Monmouths clobber the old monster blowing off one monster gun and hitting a boiler or two: