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Gary Grigsby War in the East 2x3+ Team Game (CoOp sides) players wanted

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Dammit Carl!:
While I'm not keen on playing (too many irons in real-life fires to commit to anything more than World of Tanks owing to it's quick in-out play cycle), I'd love to see an AAR of this.  Any plans on doing anything like that?

I'm interested in playing. I am pretty familiar with the game.

Sent messages to Tripoli and ArizonaTank

Followed a suggestion to post the protocol that we used to turn Gary Grigsby's War in the East from a game designed to be played solo to something that could be played by a team side. I posted it in the Computer Wargaming section as it could be useful to other Gary Grigsby players, and the principles might be of interest to players of other games. See here

It was a fair wait until the next player dropped out. But they did and now ArizonaTank is on the Soviet team. Congratulations and will be flying the flag for Grogheads too I think!  :)


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