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Sadly, I'm an Ohio State alum...  The game felt like the scene from Jurassic World where the T-Rex eats the goat....with OSU being on the wrong end of the transaction....:(

Sir Slash:
The Buckeyes got nothing to be ashamed of Tank. I never thought they were for real until I saw them demolish Clemson in the playoffs. Then with some of their best players out with injuries they still stayed with 'Bama pretty well, coming back to within 2 TD's of them in the 3rd quarter. They certainly didn't back into the playoffs, they deserved to be there.

FarAway Sooner:
There's no doubt that Bama deserved that win and dominated that game.

For the sake of college football, I wish that more teams would get competive with Bama.  But, in light of what we know today, it's awful hard to blame that on Alabama.  Other programs just have to figure out how to get better.

Georgia State took Auburn the distance...

I don't know how I feel about that.

Perhaps the end of the Bo Nix Era.


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