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You are right on about the money. Football, and to a lesser extent basketball, fund all of a university's sports, men's and women's. And small schools would play big ones just because their cut of the box office was the biggest cash inflow they had for the year. So, you are right. A lot of sports programs will be cancelled and some schools will be dropping all their sports. How severe the fallout will be may depend on the fan response to the broadcast only format for big schools. I bet there is a real scramble to determine what advertising rates should be. I am not sure it is all a bad thing. It may be that some programs continue just because the kids really want to play and do so without big money backing. We may see a move away from a university semi-pro system and back to real amateur sports at some schools.

Midwest Athletic Conference cancelled all Fall Sports.

If you read ESPN's take it is 100% "we care about the health of the players, dominos starting to fall, blah blah blah."

Lets look at the economic reality.

The MAC makes its money losing away college football games and playing Men's Basketball.  With the Big 10 and the SEC both cancelling nonconference games, a huge revenue source for the MAC vanished.  The NCAA has also demanded expensive testing regimes for Fall sports.

To recap - MAC loses its means of making serious money for the Fall.  Having any Fall sports would be far more expensive because of the mandated testing requirements.  So cancel Fall sports and cut your losses.  This also means that the MAC can postpone the difficult political decision of eliminating sports which always lose money to another day.

There goes the Big 10...

^ This seems to be premature.  Some of the schools are pushing back hard on this.  I'm guessing that some Athletic Directors & University Presidents are starting to realize that if they cancel football in a power 5 conference that it may cost them their extremely high paying jobs.

Dan Patrick reports the Pac 12 is out as well. 

However, the SEC is looking at forming a one year super conference made up of teams that are pushing back from the conference votes.   Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan seem to be open to a one year exit.

The primary reason for the Big 10 and Pac 12 schools wanting it to cancel is being reported as the move by the players to organize and create a College Football Players Association.


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