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Proposal: Hegemony PBEM Game

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How big is the rulebook? Or are there several.  :hide:

I am interested in helping. I have the DoD experience but not a lot of gaming experience.

I would be interested in it! I'm a current junior at college, so that does limit my schedule a bit to outside of class time, but I'd love to see what Hegemony is like.

Vallhalla-The lack of gaming experience isn't crucial-Most DoD wargame players have no experience in games (and based on what I saw at some of the DoD -sponsored games, it shows   >:D)  We can get you up to speed.  It sounds like we may be nearing the minimal "critical mass" for me to buy the game and develop a CONOPS for how we can execute this event. 

Sarah-Thanks for your interest.  We may be able to have you participate, but I would like to discuss with you some potential roles, based on your experience, interests and available time.  If you can either post here (or PM me privately) a little bit about your gaming experience, the reasons for your interest in the game and what you are studying in college, as well as how much minimum time you could spend on a weekly basis, it would help guide that process.   In any case, since I am intending for this to be written up as an AAR and published at GrogHeads, you will be able to follow the game.

To anyone else that is interested in playing/supporting/participating: I am still recruiting for the game, so if you have any interest in participating, there is still time.  Right now, I am only at the stage of determining whether there is enough interest in pursuing the project.  I don't expect to actually complete recruiting until towards the end of this year.

Incidentally, the title of the game id HeDgemony. With the D limned in red, in the rulebook.

Or it might be HedgEmony, as in the introduction video. The narrator of the video definitely emphasizes the "hedge" in pronunciation, because the game is intended to simulate "hedge" theory or ops.

(First footnote in the rules: "The name Hedgemony arose from the nature of a common challenge facing those who craft U.S. defense strategy. For the past 30 years, U.S. defense policymakers have been focused on an environment that has presented the United States with options for employment of defense forces in many different roles (such as humanitarian assistance, counterinsurgency, and major power conflict) and in many different locations (such as Afghanistan, Estonia, Haiti, Iraq, Korea, and Somalia). U.S. defense policymakers must prepare for a variety of near-term contingencies while also building U.S. armed forces for the future. The tension inherent in this set of challenges led us to think in terms of “hedging strategies”—the kinds of strategies investment professionals use to deal with uncertainty in the investment markets. This challenge also typically entails efforts to either maintain parity or achieve overmatch with one’s adversaries. Hence, we have the term Hedgemony.")

These are both available at the Rand link in Tripoli's original post.

I'll try posting the video code here:

I've tested the code (on the latest Firefox thus presumably any Mozilla engine) and it should open up a video in a new browser window.


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