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Proposal: Hegemony PBEM Game

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If you are still looking for a player for Hegemony, I would be interested in playing and working on the AAR.

Yes, I would be very interested in playing Hegemony, and can commit to whatever AAR you require.

Great!  That is 3 so far.  I think we will need about 5, but we're getting closer.  If we get one more, I'll buy the game so we can start to get familarized

Just a suggestion, but maybe consider contacting the developers at Rand and ask them if they would donate a game
to the group, in exchange for a reasonably professional AAR of our playtesting.  It would also be cool if we could discuss
the game with them as we go along.

The Georgetown Wargaming Society sent me to this thread - I'm an instructor who is doing playthroughs of Hedgemony to see if it meets lesson objectives or can be adapted.  I own a copy of the game and have already run two partial games.  I would be interested in helping out this effort and might be able to wrangle in some facilitators/adjudicators if we get to that point.


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