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Hellish Quart - Anyone?

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Hellish Quart is an early access 17th century fencing simulator/fighting game.

It's only got 5 fighters working (out of a planned 12), and the gameplay is limited to 2 singleplayer modes:  pick your fencer and your opponent for a single fight, and survival, where you pick your fencer and cycle through the others until you die.  There's apparently a rudimentary multiplayer that I understand is a bit hit or miss (no pun intended), with a planned robust multiplayer and a single-player story mode

AIUI, it's a two-man outfit putting it together, one of them did animations for the Witcher 3.

I'm enjoying it, for what it is:  best looking and playing sword fighting game I've played.  It gets a lot of comparison to Bushido Blade (which I never played).

The stated aim is to be as realistic looking/playing as fun and gameplay allows.  It's $16.99--which is a bit spendy for the fairly limited nature of the game right now--but what is there plays very well.  If you have a particular interest in sword-fighting, it should be a must-buy--or at least keeping it on the watch list till it matures a bit more.

Anyone played it?


I have it, and have played a bit. 

While I really like it's portrayal of sword fights, there still is not much there as a game.

still, it is very promising...

Looks very interesting. But I notice that at the moment it is essentially single player. Unless you want to play it split screen locally.
I think even when it is online PVP if they ever get their, that it will still be 1v1.
Otherwise it looks really good.

I often watch Matt Easton's video and he has done some good commentary on the game;

Looks set to be good once it's fleshed out a little. I wishlisted it.

I like the look of it, but the side-scrolling style position seems weird. I have seen some FPS looking gameplay that looks so much more interesting but I think its not meant to be played that way. I think it would be incredible in VR, but again I don't think they are heading that way. Game also seems to have auto parry or something like it?


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