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Steam Deck?

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If you missed out on the pre-orders, don't worry.  You can buy confirmed pre-orders off Ebay for $4,000 or so. :DD

it will drive more 3rd party devs onto steam so their games can be handheld, one springs to mind that would suit is warthunder.

I can see this doing well...  and if it really takes off it may be bad news in the long run for us desktop types....

but for me interest.  A good gaming laptop would be so much more flexible (more expensive of course)...

Steam has already taken over my gaming library, I don't want them to also control my gaming rig as well.

Dammit Carl!:
Looks pretty spiffy.  Certainly have a few games that'd do well (control-wise that is) on a system like that.

I shall remain part of the pc master race.


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