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Steam Deck?

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I'm definitely interested, I have a bunch of games on Steam that I never get around to playing because they feel more fit for a television screen or a handheld.  This at least solves half of that problem.

have U seen the STEAM DECK handheld its pre-ordering on steam.

it looks like you can play all your steam games on it, handheld

Seems like a nice piece of kit if you're looking for a handheld machine. Though the entry level model seems like more of a streaming device than a dedicated gaming console. Prices ramp up quickly for the more truely handheld gaming models.

Still a bit wary, cause its not the first time Valve tries to enter this market and so far my laptop has been pretty much sufficient to stream games from my gaming rig at home, so I am probably not their target audience. :)

It's cool to see their effort though.

Pete Dero:
Demand looks to be high :

Steam Deck Pre-Order Reservations Bring With Them Long Waits And Error Screens


--- Quote from: Grim.Reaper on July 16, 2021, 10:22:59 AM ---Not sure yet, but plan to reserve anyway...can make final decision in December:)

--- End quote ---

After thinking about it more, I was just kidding myself that I would actually play a handheld game unit, just never feel comfortable with them and the type of games I play likely wouldn't translate well for me.  Therefore, I didn't even bother reserving after all. 


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