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Star Wars movies ranking

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Nothing beats the originals. That said, I just re-watched Solo a few days ago and it's very good. I enjoyed Rogue One a little more than Solo even if as Anguille says the ending is a little...byzantine.

The Mandalorian is excellent but I don't know how or if it works into the ranking system since it's not technically a movie. Same with Book of Boba. And the animated series as well, which I haven't seen yet but peeps around here really love...Clone Wars, Bad Batch, etc.

And let me 'the originals' I mean the ones unfutzed with by George Lucas years later, adding assorted scenes/details/characters/oddities.

Sir Slash:
NOT getting in the middle of this one.  :coolsmiley:

^Very wise of you Slash.   8)

We Star Wars fans can get quite mental when it comes to debates like this.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
First 4 are great.  I'll watch them anytime

1)  The Empire Strikes Back
2)  A New Hope
3)  Rogue One
4)  Return of the Jedi

The next were ok, but had some problems.  I'll watch them occasionally but skip some stuff.
5) Solo
6) Revenge of the Sith
7) Clone Wars

These are disappointing or just plain bad.  I'm fine never seeing them again.

8) The Force Awakens
9) Rise of The Skywalker
10) The Phantom Menace
11) The made-for-TV Ewok Movie
12) The Other made-for-TV Ewok Movie with Wizards and shit.

The final one will be shown on a loop in hell as a punishment worse than getting your scrotum sandblasted and dipped in vinegar

13) The Last Jedi


^A man of wealth, taste, and daring putting Rogue One that high…I like it and agree.

I daresay that Return of the Jedi was the beginning of the downturn.


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