Android: Netrunner - still alive!

Started by Yskonyn, April 06, 2019, 03:35:57 PM

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With the recent termination of contract between WotC and Fantasy Flight Games, the latter has ceased production of Android Netrunner; an asymmetric card game by Richard Garfield where hackers called Runners try to steal Agenda's from Corporations in a cyberpunk setting.

The game has a loyal following, even so that a new fan run organisation has been created called NISEI who have unofficially taken the reigns of this incredible game.
Not only do they continue card rotations and manage organized play complete with prize kits to be won, they also actively develop new card cycles of which part 1 of 2 of the first new cycle has just been released called Downfall.

It must be acknowledged that the art and layout of the cards are TOP NOTCH. This isn't a half hearted fan attempt to breathe life into a dying game, but obviously there is professional level talent at NISEI. And they obviously have every intention to NOT let Netrunner die.
Another example are the pieces of lore accompanying Downfall!

So where is the community at these days? is where you can play the game in a browser against others. The website also features a deckbuilder.

NetrunnerDB is THE place for info on and management of cards and decks.

Proxy Generator for getting those missing cards in your deck. Note that NISEI events support proxy play.

Stimhack Slack is where you can interact with most of the active community.
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I still have the first printing of the FFG core game, but only played it once or twice. 

I liked it.  Hell, I liked it back during it's original CCG version which came out back in the '90s CCG flood:

(It Came.. From The 90s!)  :wow:

Too bad it didn't get much attention back then, but I prefer the LCG business model anyway.  After finding out that FFG isn't producing it anymore, I just assumed someone would start doing so considering it was fairly popular for awhile.

Huw the Poo

Got mine.  The FFG version, that is.  I'm hardly an expert or anything but I've played a fair bit with my lady and absolutely love it, it's so much fun.