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Global Security: Challenge to Hegemony
« on: November 14, 2014, 04:43:30 PM »
Hello everyone! I have been working on this card game for a while. The title is as the post suggests, "Global Security" I hope to release it on kickstarter soon but for the meantime please check out the website, (

In the game you assume the role of one of 4 current factions, the USA, Russia, NATO or Terrorists (Ukraine will be printed as a stretch reward) and utilizing only modern units currently in use by these factions you vie to take control of your enemy's territory. You will fight on land, air, sea and in future expansions space and the political sphere.
Deploy your territories where you wish, (you will be fighting on and for these territories their placement may enhance your strategy) but be prepared to defend them as they produce a steady flow of resources, if your enemy captures them they may use those resources. If your territories do not produce enough resources for you, you may opt to "sacrifice" a unit and use some of its resources to deploy a much needed unit or card.

Additional stretch reward include mini pieces representing land and naval mines to enhance game-play. There are two main sets at the moment, each with 400-432 cards. The sets are GWOT (Global War on Terror) with the USA and Terrorist Factions and Cold War Spectres with Russia and NATO factions.
I am open to ideas, perhaps these sets are even too big?

The types of cards include: Units, Upgrade/ Dynamic, Strike and Reinforcements.

Thanks for checking it out!