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WW2 dogfighting card game
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:40:58 PM »
ok, this is a dog fighting card game. I wanted to create a wargame with a normal deck, you play with a normal deck, black are the enemy, red are the good guys. its loosly based on WW2.

all the Kings are Fighters, all the queens are bombers, all the Jacks are Fighter bombers. the Ace's are top class pilots.

step 1 sort out the red and black cards into two decks, shuffle the decks and place face down so you cant see them.

play is in turns by each side, you will have 2 kings, 2 queens, 2 jacks and 2 ace's in your deck. flip the top card of your deck if its a King Queen or Jack you can place it in to play, but you can only have 3 planes in play, when the first player has 3 Aircraft in play this phase ends, all future Kings Queens And Jacks are disgarded. the other player may have no planes or one or two in play at this time.

now start dealing the cards, this is for pilot & crew for each plane(disgard kings queens and jacks), you can draw two cards per plane, the first card is your pilot, the second card is your crew you can use these and have any for pilot or crew. both sides place their two cards on each plane(if you have planes, if not you dont draw cards for crew or pilot).

take all the remaing deck and discarded cards and shuffle them into one deck. you are now going to draw a card one by one to simulate attacks and apply the results to your planes.

if you draw a king queen or jack, these are attacking aircraft red attack the enemy black attack you(or the other way around if your playing black) each attacking plane now draws two cards for pilot and crew but if you draw kings queens or jacks discard. red or black are the same for attacking crew and pilots.

you can choose to attack any enemy aircraft in play, if your pilot card is greater than the enemy pilot card the plane is hit, if your crew card is greater than the enemy crew card the plane is hit again, when a plane is hit twice in an attack its shot down, but if you only score one hit the crew organise and recover. now discard the two attack cards to the bottom of the deck and play an attack for the other side.

when the deck is all dealt take all cards not in play and reshuffle, when one side has lost all aircraft the battle is over, or if the enemy did not get any aircraft into the fight thats a double loss 2 points .

only an Ace can beat an ACe pilot, so you need to draw an Ace before you can hit one. if all ace pilots are in a plane its a draw restart the pilot & crew assignment phase by collecting all the crew pilot and all the deck not in use , reshuffle then begin assigning pilots and crew again

do all this untill one side has 3 points as is the winner

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