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Pathfinder ACG - Custom Character Sheets
« on: October 20, 2013, 03:42:24 AM »
Put this here since it's more card game than RPG.

I downloaded the free character sheet PDFs from the publisher's site, but the main part I wanted to print (the small character Skill/Power page) also had a massive card checklist included on the same page.  Since I plan on just writing down the specific character's 'deck' on the blank backside in between sessions, I figured it best to save on some printer ink and moved the bit I needed to it's own page. 

These are the base character sheets, in PDF format, in case anyone wants to do the same.  They include the ones from the Character Add-On Pack.  Sometime in the future, I plan on doing the same for the pairs of advancement classes for each (when I get to the point of needing them).   If you want them sooner, then just send me a PM.

Here is the link to the Paizo page (the publisher) where the full character PDFs can be had for free:

I'm attaching the ink-saving ones to this post.

Nevermind, file was a tad too large.  Here's a link (2.64MB zip file)....