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Ray Bradbury -- RIP

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I think I read about everything he wrote when I was growing up.  Loved his books....

Same here. Bradbury was legendary. Something that only we gamers might appreciate is that in any 4x sci-fi game I play, I always name my exploration ships after the greats of science fiction, the Bradbury, the Asimov, the Verne, etc...... My little tribute.

RIP Ray, a life well lived.


Read all of his books and shorts stories as a kid.

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I merged the two threads also.

I've only read a couple of his stories, but he is absolutely a giant of the genre.

I liked this from the LA Times -

--- Quote ---Bradbury's follow-up bestseller, 1953's "Fahrenheit 451," was based on two earlier short stories and written in the basement of the UCLA library, where he fed the typewriter 10 cents every half-hour. "You'd type like hell," he often recalled. "I spent $9.80 and in nine days I had 'Fahrenheit 451.' "
--- End quote ---

Nine days for 'Farhenheit 451'. Most people could spend nine years and not come close. Amazing.

Another sad passing. May he Rest in Peace.


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