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Ray Bradbury -- RIP

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Frankly though I was under the impression he has already passed away quite some time ago.

Anyway, the only book of his that I remember reading was Fahrenheit 451, a nice book too.
There is a book store in Rome that is named Fahrenheit 451, unfortunately the guys there have no clue as to why it is called that way :P

R.I.P.  Ray

I loved his work.  My two favorite Bradbury books are Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Oh yes, Something Wicked - been absolutely years since I read that - must see if I can pick up a copy on amazon.

One of the Sci-Fi greats - sad to see his passing.

Dandelion Wine, October Country, Martian Chronicles, so many great books. I especially loved his short storys- Check out the story 'The Veldt' from 'Illustrated Man'. It's a bit... twisted ;) Apparently some contemporary band called Deadmau5 has a song based on it!

A true giant who will be sorely missed.  Outside of 451, I hadn't read any of his works until I hit my twenties.  One of the best things I have ever done.


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