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Skyrim on discount (Steam), plus new free DLC

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^Huge open ended RPG set in a Norse inspired mythical world. Has become one of my favorite games in a long time. I had to step away for a while in fear of becoming addicted.


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--- Quote from: LongBlade on February 07, 2012, 12:57:37 PM ---Thanks. I've played my money's worth out of Skyrim. If you like it, you'll love it and it will be worth the price.

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I've still yet to finish it.

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My advice is to put off the main quest for as long as possible. I still played after it, but the anticipation wasn't as great.

OTOH, if you really hate those random dragon attacks then you might want to finish it. Dragons will still attack from time to time, but not anything like the frequency if the quest is still open.

Reminiscent of Wizardy I.  Taking out Werdna was easy and anti-climatic.

Wizardy I was the only RPG I every played with other guys I was the only one with an Apple and we played for hours.  When we got to Werdna's cube, we gathered like a SWAT team, checking health, position and magic points. We went in blazing and he only got off one spell.

Good times.

Sir Slash:
Can't post now. Gotta go get it!!!

Is it worth getting the Prima guide as well? the two together are just 10 bucks more. Bear in mind that I'm only a tiny bit into
Oblivion and I'm completely lost. Will I get more out of Skyrim if I RTFM?


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