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Officer's Quarters (In Character General Roleplay)

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Use this thread for general In-Character roleplaying and expressions of your creativity within the campaign.
Short stories, non-mission specific character interactions, that sort of of stuff.

All Out of Character posts will be deleted

Goodwill sighs as he opens presses the button to open the door to the dimly lit office.
Once he's one step inside, he pauses for a moment looking around the sterile room. The two biggest objects in the room are a glossy black desk with a finely crafted mahogany top with the logo of the ship's flag carved into the wood below the glass plate that makes up the top layer of the desk.
The other is a couch. Nothing fancy, but at least the thing can be made into a makeshift bed to nap on. Something Usebius had been doing more often lately.

His mind is troubled these times.
"What the hell am I supposed to do with these pups?" he asked himself.
It is true that the Grogheads are in a difficult place right now. They need to secure a contract for one. Desperately so. Funds need to start coming in, but the issue of spare parts is also pressing, so anything that will give the outfit salvage rights should be priority.
But even if they are able to secure a contract soon, are these young and brave up to the task? Outside of his CO's the rest of the outfit seems to have joined purely based on his or Usachenko's charisma... or her tits in any case.
"Goddamn teens...", he mumbles, sort of out loud, when his thoughts get interrupted by a rapping on the door.

"Enter!", Usebius calls out in a commanding tone.

A short beep of the door's security system sounds and the door slides open revealing Usachenko's frame standing in the opening.

"Hey boss, how're today?", she asks him with a big open smile on her face.

"Don't call me boss, Usa, you know I hate that."

"I do!", she returns, now laughing, while walking over to him and throwing a punch at his shoulder. She then turns around with a dance-like movement and lets herself down on to the couch.

"You got anything back from that contact.... boss?", she teases one more time.

Usebius only glares at her for a moment, but ignores the tease otherwise.

"It seems like we're on the radar of Marian Military police, Usa. Two days ago people have heard questions being asked in the 'Sinkhole' where Jong and Muriel have been playing dice several times.
I've already confined them to the ship's quarters. We need to get out of this place asap, Usa. Best we make a run several systems away. The Hegemony will not stop searching for me if they know we're close by."

Usa's youthly demeanor vanishes for a moment, contemplating the full consequences of Cmdr Goodwill's words.
Then she looks up to him again making direct eye contact while her sparkle returns, as does her smile.

"Okido, time to kick those pups in the arse then, eh? There's preperation to be done!"

She jumps back up from the couch and makes her way to the door.

"Anything you wanted to tell me, Usa?", Goodwill asks just as she opens the door.

"Nope. Just wanted to annoy you for a tiny bit, sir.", she throws at him while looking over her shoulder with that youthful teasing smirk.

"Get the fuck out of my office, Lieutenant!"

"Yessir!", Usa snaps into salute with her back to Usebius and wiggles her ass. Then walks out of his office.

A few seconds afterward the short beep sounds again and the door slides back closed leaving Usebius once again with nothing but his own thoughts.

Goodwill glances at the screen rising from the front edge of his desk. The device hums as it rises and when its almost at the full up position the screen produces a gentle glow and displays the interface to Usebius.

"At least Kovacs is bringing in some money...", Goodwill mumbles almost inaudible.

"With the police at our heels we need to figure out something to get out of here. Usa already poked around to see if we could find an old Dropship, but no dice.
This place is a minefield. Scammers at every corner, doped up loonatics trying their luck pulling shivs at you out of nowhere."

Goodwill shakes his head then lays it to rest in his hands for a bit.

"Ok, Usa. You got it. Let's kick those pup's arses and get going!"

All officers have gathered in the Officer's Quarters.
Goodwill stands in the middle of the room in front of an image projected on the wall. He raises his hand for a moment to shield the light coming from the projector and then steps aside.
Satisfied with his new position he starts:

"Ok guys. We've helped the Lyrans on Ascella with whatever they were doing. We don't really care as long as they pay. And they have. So that's that.
What's interesting though, is that we've captured one of those Draconis' Warriors. She hasn't been particularly abundant with words yet and we don't have a lot of time. I want your input on what we're to do with her.

We can have one of the docs try to 'chemically stimulate' the prisoner to spill her beans, but we'll have to consider the possible relevance of her info.
While we made some nice C-Bills to hold us over for a while, we cannot stop thinking about the next step.
Getting back to a contract world is the next logical thing, however we always run a higher risk of getting on the radar of the Marians again."

He pauses to see if any of his officers want to say something.

Lt. Yash thinks about it for a second, rubbing his moustache.

"If she's any good in a mech, maybe we consider offering her a job. Maybe replace one of the green scrubs in my lance, eh?" he says with a smirk. "Otherwise, let us just call the Dracs and see if they pay for her."

"As for employment, are the Marian people really pissed off enough to come after you halfway across the galaxy? What did you do, sir?"


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