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MISCON - Mission Control (IC Strategic and Tactical Mission Planning RP)


This thread will feature our Officer's Virtual Planning room. Here we will discuss strategies and tactics to employ. All discussion should be kept In-Character as much as possible.

Administrative issues like Contract Negotiation and Diplomacy has its seperate thread.

Recon Mission - Ascella
Employer: Lyran Commonwealth
Date: 7 March 3019
Status: Victory

The trip from Galatea to Ascella was uneventful.
Once in orbit around the planet it took the force about a month to get on the surface and prepare for the assignment.
It was a simple recon gig, but the moonless night hampered visual acquisition of targets so we were dependent on sensors.
One liason officer was assigned to drop with us in a Wasp.

After entering the AO sensors remained silent for a good while. The area was defined by an elevated ridge on the right flank, while the center and left were mainly open ground broken up by small patches of bald trees and rough terrain.

Alpha Lance dropped on point with Command Lance following a little later.

Lieutenant Taupeaffe ordered his Lance to quickly jump on the elevated ridge and keep a close eye on their sensors.
It was not long before the sensors started to pickup contacts:

Meanwhile the Lyran liason officer received intel that the opposing force would consist of a couple of Mechs escorting a small armored recon platoon, probably on routine patrol.
We should make a quick hit and run attack, preferably focussing on the Mechs. More details about who it was were were facing were not disclosed.

Once we approached the northern extend of the elevated ridge visual contact was made with a hostile Firestarter. It just so happened that our own Firestarter was the closest Mech to it! Lt. Taupeaffe quickly ordered Sgt. Mai in his Firestarter to focus on the enemy one while he would jump over to reach its back.
The enemy pilot was surprised by the sudden quick movement and remained indecisive of which target to attack.
This opened up a nice oppertunity to nail the bastard quickly!

The decisive target focus of Taupeaffe and Mai ripped the legs from under the Firestarter in a few mere minutes of exchanging fire. The MechWarrior ejected immediately when her Firestarter suffered the critical damage and keeled over.

It was an obvious blow to the morale of the remaining force, as the light armored trucks skidded around trying to get away from the Mechs.
A Jenner came into visual range just after the Firestarter went down! The pilot skillfully positioned his Mech in the rear arc of Lt. Taupeaffe's Wasp, but his Gunnery skill aparently was not as great as his Piloting skill.
His attack chopped off some armor, but did no damage otherwise.
A focussed effort on the Jenner made it back off and while a Saladin Assault Hover Tank was made the second casualty of the battle, the rest of the hostile force disengaged and fled the scene.

Here follows my report of the quick carnage.



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