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CNA - Contract Negotiation and Administration

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This thread will feature posts about Contract Negotiation and Administration.
Status updates about contracts will be posted here as well as Financial reports.

Commander Goodwill stands in front of the projector.
"We've received these 6 contract offers. I want you guys to study them. Then come forward with your thoughts about which one we should tackle... and why. Remember people, transport is big business, so whenever we can secure a contract which covers most of the transport cost we would be saving money. On the other hand, we also need parts, for that we need to be allowed salvage.
Well you all know the drill."

"Option 1"

"Option 2"

"Option 3"

"Option 4"

"Option 5"

"And finally... Option 6"

Without having checked over my Lance yet [OOC: or even having gotten my character yet], I'm inclined to vote for Option 1. It has Green opponents, Regular allied support, a quick turnaround, a good balance of expenses and salvage paid.

The only thing I don't understand yet (being a rookie) is the "Command Rights" and the distinction between Liaison (as in this mission), House, and Integrated.

Independent allows for our forces to be fully autonomous within the mission parameters.

Liason means that our employer will send a representative along on the mission to oversee that the execution is done withinparameters. Also the employer will take partial legal responsibility for collateral damage or other incidents. Usually we will not have control over this liason unit.

House Command will mean that the mission will be fully led by House forces whereas our forces are attached to the operating force. (In MegaMek this usually means either more forces are under AI control or we are alone but deemed to be operating as a House force; and it will alter payout and salvage values)

Integrated means the employer will provide the commanding officers to lead each Lance, where our forces will act as subordinates to this leadership. (Not handled very well in MegaMek, but totally cool at the table!)

Basically, for MegaMek, aside from some AI controlled allied units it only alters the spread between payouts and financial risks mainly.
The narrative is up to the GM.


I really want to make time this weekend to get into the system. (And to start chewing over a pre-generated Lance.)


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