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Use this thread to post any results you got that need to be integrated into MekHQ by me.
Force generation, financial rolls, maintenance roll; anything and everything that you want to roll yourself should be posted here.

As I assume everyone is in it for a fun time, I'll allow any means you want for rolling dice (within MegaMek, a 3rd party dice program (see downloads thread), physical dice, etc). I don't require you to provide any proof in terms of pictures or such.
Just post a short description of what you rolled for, which dice it took, which modifiers are applicable and what result came out of it.
If applicable, mention which character/unit/company the roll is for.

Or aternatively use the forum code to roll dice:

--- Quote from: bayonetbrant on November 13, 2014, 02:57:45 PM ---You can now roll dice in the forum...


but use straight brackets, or use the new die icon next to the YouTube icon

Rolled 6d6 : 6, 2, 4, 4, 2, 3, total 21

'd100' is not a valid dice string!

Rolled 2d4+8 : 2, 1 + 8, total 11

--- End quote ---

Company Funds roll:

You have rolled: d6 x 3 = 12
Modifier: + 0
Result: 12 + 0 = 12
Rolled dice(s):  5 4 3

120.000.000 C-Bills

Charlie Lance mech rolls:
Lt. JG Yash Talip: Wolverine WVR-6R
Sgt. Patricie Sovich: Griffin GRF-1N
Pvt. Nohreen Graniczna: Griffin GRF-1N
Pvt. Clinton Mandrapilias: Ostscout OTT-7J


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