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I guess you meant 1730?


--- Quote from: Iconoclast on October 22, 2018, 04:09:56 PM ---I guess you meant 1730?

--- End quote ---
Correct, 1730!

1930 17 April 1809

It looks like I forgot to post a couple of days ago when we did the 1830 turn.

Dark in one hour!

Disregard that. Dusk is at 2130, so in two hours, dark is at 2230.

2030 17 April 1809
Dusk is in an hour, full dark in two.
Please send me any dispatches and orders as quickly as you can. If we can knock out another turn tomorrow I'd like to do so.

We have some players away from home today who won't be able to get orders in until this evening or tomorrow. Let's shoot for having orders in by tomorrow early evening if possible and I'll advance the turn clock tomorrow night.


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