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New monitor DOA
« on: November 14, 2019, 09:21:47 AM »

So, as a treat in anticipation of my new office, I went out and bought a 43" 4K LG monitor from New Egg. The problem? I bought it very early on in the construction and couldn't unbox it and try it out until last night, more than 30-days after the purchase and delivery.   :uglystupid2:

As fate would have it, the second I turned the thing on I knew there was a problem. The damn screen had colored vertical lines running up and down the right side of the screen and everything was flickering. I've never experienced something like this, where a new product is essentially dead right out of the box. It was pretty obvious it was a damaged or defective unit, but I still tried different power outlets and cords, different HDMI and display ports and wires, but to no avail.

I got onto the phone with New Egg and was told, "sorry, you're outside of the time for returns..." I told them that was very disappointing to hear. I've been a loyal New Egg customer for years and have spent thousands of dollars with them. I explained the situation with the home renovation, which prevented me from testing the monitor for weeks and asked if they could give me a waiver or make an exception. After waiting on hold for a few minutes, they got back to me and agreed! They gave me an RMA code, a shipping label and the thing is already with UPS on its way back. Upon receipt, they will send me a replacement.

It was a pain in the a$$ to pack up again, but still, I'm now one happy customer. They took a situation where they could have lost me easily, but by doing the right thing, they earned a customer for life.   
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Re: New monitor DOA
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2019, 09:26:09 AM »
That's a good ending to a story that could have been bad.  Glad to hear that New Egg was willing to bend the rules a bit in order to keep a loyal customer happy.  So many companies out there won't budge at all these days and could care less if you leave or not. 
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