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Hello folks

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Narwhal!!  Good videos brother, I have watched some of them. 

Welcome aboard.   8)

Sir Slash:
I can't remember what I paid for Kampgruppe back in the day. But I remember waiting FOR--EVER for it to come in the mail.  :pullhair:

The Wargaming Scribe:
Well, actually my first game was Ancient Art of War, so I am more of a Broderbund guy :). I only started to play the old SSI recently.

Since you guys are really into SSI, any chance one of you has the Operation Apocalypse manual ?

By the way , the blog => https://zeitgame.net

Sir Slash:
Not me Scribe. I sold all my old Amiga games several years back including the SSI games. I always wanted to play AAoW but that was before I could afford a computer to play it on.  :-[

Welcome aboard! I'm also new here c: Ive been poking around here without an account for a bit, and finally decided to join and post a story Id been building in my head for a while.


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