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Alright, so I thought Steve58 started a thread like this, but I can't find it so here goes. (If I find Steve's thread (did I dream it?) I'll merge them).

I watch a lot of YouTube, and I'm consistently amazed at the interesting stuff you can find on there.  So, with no rules at all other than it has to be interesting, I figured I'd start a thread to consolidate some of our Groghead findings.

Except for these rules:
1.  No overt politics.
2.  No overt religion.

Otherwise, show us those unusual videos you've found.

This one, to start it off, I found from a link on Yahoo's homepage.  This knucklehead has a whole channel of this nonsense, and once you watch one, it's hard to stop.  Kinda like a Lay's potato chip.

I saw that vid. I watch a lot of YouTube too. Some crazy shit out there.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
People doing amazing shit and hot chicks.  What's not to like?

Lotti Fuehrscheim:
a bad ass old organ

Restoring ...

Making ...

Absolutely hysterical.


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