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I've been toying around with this idea for awhile. I know it seems totally impractical and a waste of most people's time, but I like the idea of giving books more mileage and getting them into the hands of as many of our interested readers as possible.

I have an ever growing pile of duplicate books that I have been thinking of selling or donating. My local used book store, which was a treasure of my community for 45 years, recently shut its doors this month for good, so my plan to bring them there is out the window.

So, what if we had a book loan program here at Grogheads? You could borrow a book from our online repository and Grogheads would coordinate with the actual owner to get the book delivered to the borrower. Books could be "checked-out" for 30, 45, 60 days at a time, or renewed...whatever, we can make the rules if this goes official. There are a few details that we'll need to work out, like who pays the price of shipping? My preference would be for Grogheads to cover shipping costs, but then we would require donations and a library fund and that could get complicated/burdensome for me and Gus. Additionally, it is always possible that someone who checks-out a book might never return it. It would be nice to be able to compel compensation, but that is unlikely so obviously there is always that risk of loss.

In any event, it seem like a really fun idea, although not the most practical.


I love books and am always on board to get books that people want out to them, even if its not the most practical thing. We would need a 'library manager' who we could trust with funds.

I think this is a great idea. 

Where would the books be physically stored if one wanted to donate to the library?

Father Ted:
Maybe people could post a list of books that they're prepared to part with permanently - like the ones you were going to donate JH - that way you don't have to worry about people keeping supposed loans.  There would still be shipping costs, but people could sort that out amongst themselves - perhaps swap books so each pays the shipping.


--- Quote from: W8taminute on September 20, 2021, 09:39:59 AM ---I think this is a great idea. 

Where would the books be physically stored if one wanted to donate to the library?

--- End quote ---

I think the owner, at least initially, would keep the book. I'd create a list of books that are available for borrowing and then if someone wants to check it out, I would coordinate shipping with the owner. After that, I suppose it would be up to the owner whether the book would be returned to them, or if they preferred that it go to our Grogheads librarian for keeping until someone else is interested in reading it.


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