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Building a Battle Belt


I've always been one to roll with a vest and plates, but that's not always practical and certainly no good for a typical day at the range. So, I finally started building a new battle belt. I know, I know...most gun guys have one of these in every room. I have an old one with a drop leg holster for my M9, but wanted to start from scratch.

I went with a Blue Alpha MOLLE 1.75" Double Belt

with Esstac triple shorty KYWI mag pouches, 1 5.56 and 2 side-by-side double stacks

a Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Coyote Brown

and a Dara Level 1 Light bearing OWB holster for my Sig P320 with TLR-1 light

This was all on a budget. I could have spent A LOT more. I really skimped on the Dara Holster. I would have preferred a Safariland, but didn't feel like spending close to $200 just for the holster. I still need to get a trauma kit. I'm looking at the micros by Blue Force.

In any event, still getting it all configured to my liking. We'll see how it evolves over time.


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