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Ongoing Histwar Les Grognards Saga

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Yet another path.  I can hardly wait until this game is reviewable


Patch 03c (RC1) - February 2012

This patch brings many gameplay corrections and improvements in the user interface.

    Terrain scale adjusted for the change in unit scale when switching between 1:1, 1:2, 1:10
    Multi-threading was introduced to boost game speed on multiple cores computers
    Corrected display mistakes. For fatigue 100 = no fatigue, 0 = maximum fatigue
    Corrected the deployment zone of coalition forces on the large campaign maps
    Corrected the display of the strength of units in vague information mode
    New path finding rules to avoid units leaving the battlefield prematurely
    Changed the routing conditions of an army to take into account the strategic advantage despite massive losses
    Corrected corps order processing to avoid early withdrawal
    Adjustments made to the process of resuming an advance after a withdrawal
    Corrected the issue of a unit in a defensive line not routing despite massive casualties
    Implemented a new process to manage assaults on artillery batteries
    Removed the capability of making 12lbs horse artillery from the OOB editor
    Added a random map option with constructions
    Added 8 new meshes for constructions

Add-ons to the user interface

    Options Menu: Option to choose unit scale (1/1 - 1/2 - 1/10)
    Tutorial : Option added to choose between the classical and new interface (*)
    To switch between interfaces outside the tutorial : Press G (*)

Add-on to the map editor interface

    Switching between densities for constructions: Press CTRL + T

(*) only if the window resolution is higher than 1189 pixels

The 1:1 , and 1:2 scales are still in beta test phases

New demo

The demo has been updated and now includes both interfaces and both tutorials.
However the demo scale is still 1:10
Côté Modds

The Peninsular War (version 1.1) and Waterloo (Version 1.1) mods are now fully compatible with HistWar.
The installer of the game will now install the corresponding directories automatically.

HistWar tournament 2011

W.S. Hancock:
Jim, I dont know much about this one as I am not very interested in the Napoleonic period.

I remember this thing being in development hell for a long time, but thought I saw some favorable takes on it not long after it was released.

Is the game truly so bad that even a couple of years after release, it isnt yet even in a state where it can be fairly reviewed?

If so, that is astounding.

Personal call.  The game stuck me as having great potential out of the box but we saw bugs early on and the dev was patching so often I couldn't pin down a version to review. I like Nappy so I've waited. I'll do me review here when the article apparatus is ready.

Funny enough, I was actually googling Histwar today to see what the status was.  I'm really looking forward to it being "complete"..

@Bismarck (and anyone else that wants to answer), I'm wondering what your preferred Napoleonic games are right now? 

I'm slowly working my way through Chandler's The Campaigns of Napoleon and I would love a game to play while reading the book.  I have Napoleon Total War, but since I only have my laptop right now I can't run it.

I've been eyeballing Empires in Arms for a couple of years now, and the time is right to pick it up if it gets a thumbs up from you.  Or, what else would you suggest? 


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