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Ongoing Histwar Les Grognards Saga

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EiA never turned me on - a bit too abstract. Campaigns on the Danube works for me as does Crown of Glory. I also like HPS/Tiller's stuff and Napoleon in Italy.  Stay away from Commander - Napoleon at War.

Interesting.  I have CoG already...I guess maybe I need to boot it up and give it another go.

I have Histwar and stopped playing because there are so many games that play and look better.
The main challenge is the UI.  There is really something about the French and quirky UI. :)

But it's not a bad game when not compared to others.  It's actually rather good in simulating Napoloeonic battles. ;D

They hane a new optional UI.


--- Quote from: Bismarck on February 14, 2012, 07:45:39 AM ---They hane a new optional UI.

--- End quote ---

Time to patch it up and have another look methinks.


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