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Arctic Blast:
Have you read Day by Day Armageddon? Another really good zombie apocalypse survival book. This edition contains it and the second book :

^ I saw that...will check it out, tks.

Arctic Blast:
While we're talking horror books, I'm actually reading a collection HP Lovecraft stuff. I had never previously read anything by him, but my reading up to prepare to play Arkham Horror got me curious. I picked up one of the story collections, and so far it's pretty good.

I have always hated horror in any medium that delves in to slasher flick isn't scary and it isn't particularly interesting. Lovecraft's stuff is intentionally vague, where he described just enough to get your own imagination cranked up and filling in the horrible blanks. Really, really good.

^Me too, hate the slasher type thing unless it's like The Shining. Have loved Lovecraft since I was in high school.


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