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POLL - Favorite Method for Detemining Who Goes When In Board/War Games

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Capn Darwin:
I'm going to post, hopefully, every one to weeks on a game mechanics type question to see what things people like or dislike in the games they play. I want this information to help help both designers and players and spark some discussions between both in order to learn.

And we're off... 8)

Really like chit pull systems. Gives a great feel to the ebb and flow of inititive in battles.

The random chit or random card draw appeal to me.

I prefer the scenario determine the sequence of play.

Jack Nastyface:
The BEST method I ever saw for determing turn order was in MB's Samurai Swords / Shogun.  At the begining of each turn, players drew a numbered sword to determine turn order...HOWEVER, you could use some of your money (koku) that you would otherwise use to buy reinforcements, castles, or ninjas to bid for a sword preference.  If you were anticipated a battle royal between two of your opponents, it was sometimes wise to bid and buy sword 4 (so you could swoop down on their depleted armies).  On other occasions, playing first (taking advantage of the ruin that resulted from LAST turn) was critical.

An excellent game, with many excellent game mechanics.


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