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New Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters


My heart skipped a beat when I first read the title, thinking back to all the great Janes simulations of the past.
Then cold harsh reality sunk in after reading this.

Deep Silver has confirmed the UK release date for the intense action flight simulator Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters. The title will be released for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Windows PC, and Sony's PlayStation®3 on 9th March 2012.

In Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters, players struggle to end a civil war in the fictitious state of Azbaristan. Action takes place in 16 missions, covers 65,000 square kilometers of mountains, deserts and urban landscapes, and includes 30 detailed jet fighters from the USA, Russia, Europe and China. In the game's multiplayer modes, up to 16 fighter pilots and two to four players in co-op mode can take up the challenge to solve the conflict.

It has been out in the states for awhile now...utter garbage.

I think it is even worse than HAWX.  Anyway I kinda like arcade flight games once in a while.  Ace Combat Assault Horizon (latest) is quite nice.

It was areal shame in both cases as the jane's name gets tranished with this latest title and HAWX had great graphics and horrendous story and gameplay.


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