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DISCUSSION - How should Recon forces be modeled in Tactical Wargames?


Capn Darwin:
There are a few games out there that model recon forces and the job they do. Who does it better? What would you like to see done or fixed?

The floor is open.  8)

To clarify: What game mechanics would you employ to use recon forces in a tactical level game? How would they operate? I highly recommend reading Brant's link. It is a very detailed overview to the army planning methods and it is something James Sterrett and Brant teach at the Origins War College every year using computer and board games using people who show up for the sessions. It is a blast. Litterally at times.

Do you mean the game is a tactical game focused on the recon element, or recon unit in a tactical game. The first I think ranger  would be the leader of the pack. I would like/expect and game based solely on recon  to be low action, high tension, stealthly game with focus on the use of fieldcraft. With solo or coop options. Vs games I guess should be very closed information, i.e players pushing to uncover information of the others position, condition and prediction to have the upper hand in a climatic showdown, sniper duel type thing.

For the later recon is best as an event card type thing. Not shown as a unit as such but rather giving the player some boon in information about the map or enemy. I guess having them as a unit, lower fire power/faster movment/greater vision is ok but what spoils it is the opposing player can see them on the map.     

My thoughts have been summed up here for a while...


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