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Time to purchase a couple of new books for the Kindle.  I'm continuing with the stories of Gordanius the Finder and pick up the second set of short stories. A Gladiator Only Dies Once and perhaps the forth book in the series Arms of Nemisis (I have what my wife calls a "weird obsession" to read the books of a series in order.  Even though I got 3 other books in the series for Christmas; I just cannot read them yet.  There are five books to read before the first of the Christmas gifts should be read.)

Now here is where I'm torn.  I cannot decide if I want to stay in the past and start Bernard Corwell's Arthurian Series with The Winter King or move into the future and read Joe Haldman's The Forever War or re-read one of my favorite books of all time Frank Herbert's Dune 

The Kindle was without question my best purchase in 2011.  I love it so much.  Now if I could only decide which books to read next.  ;D

I'm not really familiar with any of those but there's good buzz around Forever War.

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and it's proving to be useful. I nearly burned up the entire battery yesterday using it to check in on the forums here. It's the right size for picking up and doing a quick flip through email and forums. And I've nearly completed a comparison of it versus the iPad which I'll get around to publishing here pretty soon.

The Kindle Fire's are nice, but I prefer the e-ink on the standard Kindle for book reading.  Two reasons really.  1.) The battery without using my Kindle cover light lasts weeks.  2.) I found reading books with backlight using my Ipad makes my eyes tired and sore.

Trust me the Roma Sub Rosa books are awesome if you like a. mysteries and b. ancient Rome.  Gordanius the Finder is the Sherlock Holmes of Ancient Rome.  Good, quick, interesting reads.

That sounds interesting. I'm looking for some new material for the Kindle and that gladiator mystery may be the thing.

I've got my eye on a bunch of military history books, but none are available to on the Kindle. I like adding physical books to my library, but I'm amazed at how easily I seem to have let go of them. Not sure that's a good thing, but that's another discussion.


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