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Sir Slash:
Any game that makes you love and shat at the same time, has to be a good one.  O0

It is. If you like horror even a little, you'll enjoy it. They struck a great balance between environments and creatures that can shred the player to pieces while giving the player a great arsenal to equip and fight back with.

Getting very close to the end. I am about half way through this factory level...this is the only horror game I can recall with tanks in it. The whole level looks amazing. I can only imagine how a FPS set in Stalingrad would look given this kind of love and amount of resources.

Sir Slash:
I would be lost staring at the mountains.


--- Quote from: Sir Slash on November 17, 2021, 08:27:01 PM ---I would be lost staring at the mountains.

--- End quote ---



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