Restarting Fallout 4 on the PS5

Started by Con, April 25, 2024, 02:59:30 PM

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Anyone else been inspired by the Fallout TV series to start playing again?
I am restarting Fallout 4 on my PS5 (Huge TV, comfortable couch, beer fridge in easy reach) and playing it with the new 56GB update patch that was released today for higher textures and optimized console gaming.
Have to say so far its much better than how I remember the PC version


I never played Fallout, but the series (and the very low price on Fallout 4 inspired me to give it a try
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I also reinstalled and started playing again.  It strikes me how much better the game feels when you take a point or two of a weapon damage perk like Gunslinger.  Just two points in that perk gives you +40% damage to pistols, which means you can shoot a lightly armored raider in the head and he drops instantly.  So much better than that "shoot a guy in the face 40 times, reload, and keep mag dumping" combat in New Vegas and prior games, even with similar perks.

The new patch is rather obnoxious for PC players, since it doesn't really change much on PC and breaks a bunch of existing mods.  Including a massive total conversion, Fallout: London, which was just recently released.  I also read that the new ultrawide support stretches the game out, which isn't ideal.

Thankfully the only mod I use still works.  If anyone on PC hasn't done so already, I recommend downloading the dialogue wheel mod, which makes it so you can see exactly what your character will say instead of the Mass Effect style wheel of vagueness.
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I actually just restarted Fallout 3 on Xbox (last played in 2009).  Once I finish that, I'm moving on to NV, then 4.  The show definitely got me in the mood to revisit the games.