ww2 card game

Started by crowdrake, April 21, 2022, 06:34:19 AM

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Print N Play WW2 card game, there is also a Tabletop simulator version.

The game has a large deck of weapons, armor,soldiers, vehicles etc... each weapon has a manpower requirement, each person takes turns to draw and discard cards, the players try to man each weapon so that when a battle card is drawn they can use them for combat.



Your WW2 card game sounds like a blast! I can imagine the strategic depth it adds, especially with the manpower requirements for each card. Planning out battles and navigating through combat scenarios must offer a thrilling experience. I'm intrigued by the Print N Play version and the Tabletop simulator adaptation; it's impressive how you've made the game accessible to different platforms. As someone who enjoys solitaire during downtime, your game presents a refreshing and captivating alternative that I'm eager to delve into further.