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Started by georgegmacdonald, August 25, 2017, 10:08:42 PM

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I've been playing Tank Battle Eastern Front Lite. I got through the tutorial, and Scenario 1 in the core campaign with 2 medals, but I can't get past Scenario 2, Supply and Demand. I play on Casual, and Historical Mode is Off by default. I have tried rushing in, but I get overwhelmed by the enemy numbers. I have tried holding the north back until it gets reinforcements, but then I either get clogged up by numerous enemy or run out of turns if I make a careful advance.

Any suggestions or tips are welcome.


build for 1 extra turn then rush?

there's a bit of luck needed to get through that one
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No recs, having not played the game, but  :bd: for the forum nickname.  :coolsmiley:
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