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Started by Jarhead0331, January 29, 2021, 03:24:44 PM

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Sir Slash

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Back in '94 when the Liberal Party last ruled (strange that firearms get banned every time they take power), they convened a panel of "experts" who decided which firearms were too dangerous for private ownership and needed to be banned.  All models of FALs were among them.  As they were non-restricted and therefore unregistered before the ban, I wonder how many thousands are out there still, waiting for their chance to wreak havoc.

How do you like the RFB?  I almost bought one but went with the RDB instead because .223 was cheaper than .308.  Joke's on me.  Can't find .223 anywhere now.  I gotta just point and yell BANG if I want to use my RDB now.


I've already got the Sniper Elites (not 4), so none for me thanks! I spent several hours on the first game, but it just felt waaaaayyy too bare bones. I'm sure #2 and #3 are better. Wait, was it Sniper Elite that had the Zombie trilogy? Yep! (Pass on that, too.)

I've always preferred playing sniper in my shooters, even when they aren't WW2+ realistic military. (For example, the Wheel of Time game has a sniper weapon, sort of. The game balance is such that you don't get much of any weapon usually however, which forces players to be careful and creative about what effects to use when.)

Back when I was talking about how the Far Cry series can be mostly played as a methodical non-twitch tactical shooter, I specifically had long-distance shooting in mind, which can be done even without a sniper rifle per se (depending on what you've got.) Scout out the current target base for the enemy, find a good perch (above the enemy ideally, but not necessarily) with one or two reasonable exfil plans, work out lines of sight for expected enemy counter attacks to root you out, and then start whittling down the OpFor. The only downside to this method in FC, is that you have to watch out to keep them away from the emergency radio alert, whereas if you go in silently for stalking the area (also a tactical methodical fight), you may be able to disarm one or more of those. (I don't recall if they can be shot out.)

That's just an example, of course. Bows and other relatively primitive range weapons work great for sniping, too, and won't give away positions. (They're a staple of the FC games by the way.) I think my earliest sniper weapon in a game, at least where I felt like I was actually sniping, was the original Medal of Honor -- introduced in the submarine pen mission if I recall.

Despite this, and despite owning the series, I have never yet played Sniper Elite 2 or 3. Just too many shiny things I guess!
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Quote from: Jarhead0331 on February 10, 2021, 09:21:37 PM
Thanks again to everyone who participated!

The lucky winner for the second round of Let's Talk About! is Groggy Grognard!

Congrats Grogster. Check your PM for the code.

Stay tuned for the next round!

Thanks, man! I appreciate it! I might make a go of it and buy extra lotto tickets this weekend... ;D

Quote from: Sir Slash on February 11, 2021, 12:03:55 PM
Congrats on the win Groggy!  :clap:

Thank you!

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In a shocking twist of fate, SDR has won the entire Sniper Elite collection that was up for grabs. Congrats, SDR...with luck like this, you should definitely play lotto!  Thanks to all who participated.

Stay tuned for this week's contest in a few...
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He may have to change his hollowed forum name now.
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Round Four of Grogheads' weekly game giveaway! You know the rules - all you have to do is talk about a particular subject as it relates to our favorite games and after a few days, everyone who posts will be eligible to participate in our drawing. The randomly selected winner will receive a free copy of a game!

The subject for this week's drawing is - WWI Battles! So, talk about your favorite battle to study and game.  Simple!

The randomly selected winner will receive a free copy of: Tannenberg - WWI Eastern Front!

Good luck to all. Winner will be selected on 2/25/21.
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Thanks for the keys! 
I own the Sniper line already so I'll put them up for grabs on the giveaway thread.

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Now, on to the real issue of importance.  WWI and WWI era games.

Unlike Gus, I've never had much interest in the First World War.  The trench warfare is just too depressing a subject.  I love naval warfare games about the age of sail and WWII carrier battles, but WWI dreadnoughts don't do much for me.  Just not enough tactical options without the influence of wind or the deadly cat-and-mouse game of air strikes.  Sailing around in a line lobbing shells at on another's ships until one goes BOOM just isn't all that compelling IMO.  The one area of WWI that I does tickle my interest is the air war.    Brightly coloured canvas string bags blazing away at one another over the trenches?  Sign me up!

For the PC, Rise of Flight is still on my hard drive.  I dumped far too much money into that game to get all the planes (I even shelled out for premium scarves, Webley revolvers, and non-standard gauges.  I only feel slightly ashamed....)  I haven't yet purchased the latest iteration of the series, Flying Circus as I find I don't spend nearly as much time playing flight sims as I used to.  The eyes and reflexes aren't what they once were. 

I played around with all the planes in the series but the two I liked flying far and away the best were the Sopwith Pup and the Pfalz D.III.  The Pup was just so agile and easy to fly that you could stick to someone's tail like glue and it was almost impossible for them to shake you unless they dove.  The drawback was that you needed to stick to them like glue because it'd take you an hour to shoot them down with your one little pop gun. The Pfalz was just rugged, easy to fly, stable, and everyone underestimated it so it was easy to get in and get kills.

For board games, I only have 3 WWI era titles.

I have the WWI version of Wings of Glory.  Lots of fun and the models look great.  I don't tend to play it as much as the WWII version of the game but that's down to personal preference as the rules actually work better for WWI dogfights IMO.

Some pics of a game we played 3-4 years ago with the plucky Brits trying to knock down a massive German Staaken bomber.

And another with ummmm....some plucky Germans trying to knock down an RAF Handley Page bomber.....I made need some help in the creativity department when it comes to scenario ideas.

Here the clever Germans sneakily ignore the bomber completely in favour of dogfighting with the RAF.

I also have the boardgame Bloody April: 1917 Air War Over Arras, France and its expansion Eagle of Lille but they're on my pile of shame of unplayed games.  Not sure why, I just never got around to setting it up and playing it.  Nice looking game though!


And I also have GMT's Paths of Glory.  I do enjoy playing this one a lot.  it covers the entire war in Europe and the Middle East.  Gorgeous game and gets very tense.  Can the Central Powers knock out France before the Austro-Hungarians collapse and the Russians roll them up?  Do the Brits try to contain the Turks in the Middle East at the risk of spreading themselves too thin to hold the line in France and Belgium?

The game was recently updated with a new map and artwork.  I bought a double-sided, mounted map with the original on one side and the new on the other.  Not sure which one I like better.


Original map

New map

I already have the Tannenberg game, so please don't include me in the draw.  I just like talking about games.


^That post is better than most articles on the same subject.
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Sir Slash

I agree. SDR Is the new, 'World War I Whisperer'.  :clap:
"Take a look at that". Sgt. Wilkerson-- CMBN. His last words after spotting a German tank on the other side of a hedgerow.


Not a lot of WWI fans around here, I guess... :'(
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I still have my copies of Dawn Patrol (TSR), To the Green Fields Beyond (SPI), and Paths of Glory (GMT) plus a couple of WWI computer games.  Haven't played any of them in ages.

Edit - Going back about 55 years, a buddy of mine and I used to play AH's Jutland on the basement floor at my folks house.  Great fun.
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I came very close to backing this one in Kickstarter but I ended up not doing so because:

1)  I have no shelf space left.

2)  I already have too many big box games with minis that don't get enough play.

Having said that, I'd love to give this one a whirl if someone else in my area picks it up (and we're ever allowed to meet face-to-face again.)



I'm not a board gamer but that makes me all tingly.
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