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Started by DicedT, February 18, 2012, 09:56:24 AM

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Make sure you ar using this vassal module:

It's the best one so far and has most of the WWII series built in. No need for any extentions.

Ther's one extention listed there but it's for the WWIII game Heroes of the Gap.


Can a VASSAL game be played back later on by a third party if the actual players haven't saved the game?
I'm wondering if someone who can't sit in on an entire game can log in at the beginning and then 'record'
the entire session for later playback when he or she can actually sit down to watch. Will the session stay active
for the logged in observer so it can be saved or replayed or does the room close when the principal players have
logged off? Granted, any Skyping wouldn't be part of the recording but it'd be better than nothing if one wanted
to see how a particular game played in case no one has recorded a Youtube vid yet.

In fact, if this is the case, can one quickly log in as an observer when one stumbles across a particular game starting
up even if the actual mod isn't on that persons system and later, when there's time, look for and install the needed
mod to then replay and enjoy?
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Good questions.  First, you have to have the module of any particular game in order to log into the online rooms.  It is by what module you have open and then connect with that determines what online lobby you enter. 

As for recording another players logs- I've never tried that but as long as you're sync'd to the game when you start recording a log then yes, I believe you would successfully capture whatever is going on during the game (Skype/voice being the exception as you noted). 

The vassal website also allows players to list themselves as being players of any particular game on the module listings page.  You can easily send a group email to everyone listed for a particular game.  You may get a positive response if you ask if anybody has some pbem logs of that game that they wouldn't mind sharing.  Since pbem won't record voice, players have to be more verbose with their chat window messages during play so getting a hold of some pbem logs that you can then cycle through may actually be the best route to go. 
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Quote from: Barthheart on April 06, 2012, 07:26:59 AM
Come on out to this event:

We'll demo'ing LnL games all day with VASSAL. Also lots of help to get you set up.

Unfortunately this con has been delayed indefinately... the coordinator had a death in the family.
I'll post again when it's back on.


ah, suck.

more than the rescheduling, I hope the coordinator comes through OK.
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so how's life in the vassal world?
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Like everywhere else... not enough time to play.....  :-\