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Goodman Games is having their annual Christmas Sale.

The Year That Shall Not Be Named cannot put a damper on everything!

The big sale of the year is here! Practically everything in our online store is on sale for up to 40% off but you need to act fast before the sale ends. Dungeon Crawl Classics! Mutant Crawl Classics! Fifth Edition Fantasy! Original Adventures Reincarnated! System Neutral Books! DCC Lankhmar! Xcrawl! Metamorphosis Alpha! And much, much more! Its all on sale!

To be a part of this sale, you need to know your codes. There are two codes covering the various sale items on the site. You just need to know which one applies where, so weve laid everything out for you below.

And heres the ultimate cheat: PUT BOTH CODES IN WHEN YOU CHECK OUT! Thats right, these coupons do not stack! You can use them together, so just put both codes in and you will get the discount you need!

Heres the cut-and-paste version of the codes:


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