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For fear of derailing Martok's Civ IV thread any further, I thought I would start one of our own.  Enough interest has been expressed in a PBEM that I thought we should have a thread devoted to it.  Here, you can post thoughts, ruminations, plans, reasons, etc. for your in game choices.  Smack talk is allowed, but, be careful what you say, it may come back to bite you.

I would like to see posted here commitments from those who wish to get in as well as their play preferences.  Number of civilizations, Victory Conditions, map size, etc.  I would also like to set a cutoff date for entry.  Today is Saturday.  I think by Wednesday, July 11, should be enough time to get everyone in that wants in.  I ask that if you are going to participate that you commit to doing so.  We all understand when real life rears its head, but bailing because you are losing is pretty crappy.  So, once you join, please endeavor to play to the end.

For myself, I would like to see only human civs and a map big enough to accommodate us.  Space Race, Cultural, Time, U.N. Victory and Domination are the Victory Conditions I would like to use.   Of all the VC, I think Time is the one we HAVE to include.  Only because the game will be endless without it.  I have no preference for the culture I use.

So that's it.  If you want in, get in.  And let your Grog flag fly!

I'm in.

Excellent!  I forgot to add, what iteration?  Vanilla?  Warlords?  Or Beyond The Sword?  I prefer BTS.

Count me in.

I'd prefer BTS as well, with vanilla second.

All victory conditions.
Huge world, small continents, avergage age, water etc.

Forget which CIV IV civ I liked best (too much CIV V lately) but I guess the Germans would be fun.



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